Interiors 13 | 6 Interior Design Myths: Busted
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6 Interior Design Myths: Busted

In the world of decorating and design, people often assume that there are certain rules that must be obeyed. One should never mix and match with patterns and prints, for example, or there’s the age-old rule that smaller rooms are always best when painted in a pale or muted colour. But whilst many of the design traditions that we go back to time and time again are popular for good reason, sometimes it can be refreshing to go against the grain. No two homeowners are identical, and since everyone’s tastes are different, any ‘rules’ should not be taken as gospel. Rules are made to be broken after all, and when it comes to interiors, anything goes. Have a read of the common interior design myths to see just how flexible your home decoration can actually be.


1. Ceilings must always be painted white.

A white ceiling is meant to make a room seem higher and brighter, but picking something a little less ‘safe’ could make your home a lot more exciting. Choosing to paint the ceiling the same rich colour as your walls is one way to really appreciate and enhance the colour of a room, and can also make your lighting stand out a little more. For those who really want to add some character into their home, pale walls and a bright ceiling is a brilliant way of making a strong statement.

2. Interior designers don’t care about functionality.

Whilst a designer’s aim is to get your home looking its best, any good designer will understand that your home still has to be multi-purpose and functional day-to-day. A decent designer will be very familiar with the codes and requirements for room design, and can adapt their visions towards this so that your home can be both beautiful and useful.

3. Colours affect people the same way.

Although it’s true that certain colours tend to evoke particular reactions in people, you shouldn’t avoid a particular colour scheme just because it isn’t normally tried in a given room. You like the idea of red for a bathroom and black for your hallway? Go for it! Do what makes YOU happy, and your home will become all the more special.

4. I should always stick to one style.

Not the case! The whole fun of interior design is blending and testing out multiple styles and ideas to make the best use of the space. Only by combining exactly what you love can you truly come up with a room design that is right for you.

5. Wooden countertops in a kitchen aren’t sanitary.

Before you skip past any mention of wood when looking for kitchen inspiration, stop! So long as the wood is properly sealed and you stick to your normal cleaning routine, certain wood species have a natural anti-microbial properties that can fight against kitchen germs and bacteria – making them a perfectly safe option.

6. I need a big budget to get the best decorating results.

Money is undoubtedly an important factor when you embark on any design project, but by no means should the magazine-worthy interiors be limited to those with a six-figure salary. Careful budgeting and maximising on what you spend can eliminate any money issues you may have had. By picking certain items to splurge on and then choosing which pieces you’re those happy to find cheaply, you can quickly come up with a strategy that will stop you from overspending. 


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